Article NFT revenue split

Revenue from an Article NFT is split between the Publisher, the writer and Nuance

When an article is published as a Premium Article, AKA an Article NFT, and sold for the first time the funds from the sale are split as follows (roughly):

  • 1% to the marketplace (Toniq)

  • 10% to Nuance

  • 89% split between the Publication and writer - configured for the publication.

An example helps illustrate the split with a Publication fee of 5%. An Article NFT of 100 ICP would be split as follows:

  • 1 ICP to Toniq Marketplace

  • 9.9 ICP to Nuance

  • 4.5 ICP to the Publication

  • 84.6 ICP to the writer.

When an Article NFT is sold on the secondary market the funds from the sale with a Publication fee of 5% are split as follows:

  • 1% to Toniq Marketplace

  • 94% to the seller

  • 4.5% to the publisher

  • 0.5% to Nuance

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