How to Sell a Premium Article

Premium Articles (Article NFT) can be sold on the secondary market

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to sell a Premium Article:

1. Eligibility:

Premium Articles are currently available only for publications.

2. Contact Nuance:

If you wish to enable the NFT feature for a specific publication, reach out to Nuance through the provided communication channels.

3. Activation:

Once Nuance activates the NFT feature for your publication, you gain access to additional functionalities.

4. "Publish as Premium" Button:

Navigate to the article creation page for your publication. After activation, you'll notice a new option: "Publish as Premium."

5. Set Pricing and Quantity:

Click on the "Publish as Premium" button to reveal the pricing and quantity options.

Specify the number of copies you want to mint and sell, along with the desired price for each Premium Article.

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