How to Tip (applaud) a Writer

Show your appreciation to your favorite writer

With the Applaud feature, you can tip and support the authors you like and follow. - just like on Medium. With Nuance, applause is not free (you have to "put your money where your mouth is"). When you applaud an article you transfer tokens from your wallet to the writer's wallet.

To applaud the article, you can click the applause button on the right of the page (at the bottom of the page if you are on mobile). This will open the tipping panel for you.

From this panel, you can see your NUA, ICP or ckBTC balances in your wallet and tip with these tokens. After selecting the token type and entering the amount, you can see how many applauses the amount you entered corresponds to in the "Your Applaud Amount" section on the panel. When you tick the "General Policy" box and click the "Applaud" button, the amount you enter will be transferred to the writer's wallet.

You can click the Profile Icon > My Profile > My Wallet to access your wallet and manage your token balances.

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