Nuance Roadmap

Our product roadmap

We have three goals which have guided our feature prioritisation to date and we hope the community, the DAO, supports these goals:

  • Fairest paid content creators on the internet

  • Most trusted platform for long-form content

  • Best UX for both writers and readers

The features that get us to these goals will be our roadmap. We have a backlog of potential features to support each of these goals and our plan is to propose a three-month micro-roadmap to the community every quarter. The contents of each micro-roadmap proposal will be determined after we have gathered the appropriate feedback from users and have had time to design and size the features ready for a proposal. It will be important for us to understand both the value (based on user feedback) and the effort (how much engineering capacity it will take to deliver) before we can confidently propose the optimal micro-roadmap to reach our goals. Of course, all community members are welcome to make proposals.

Our backlog currently has the following potential features grouped by goal:

Fairest paid content creators on the internet

Premium Articles

Allow publishers to publish content that is behind a paywall. Access to the content is provided using an NFT minted by the publisher on Nuance and available for sale on Nuance and Entrepot (read more).


Allow readers to applaud articles and in doing so transfer tokens from their own wallet to the writer's wallet i.e. tipping the writer.


Allow publishers to establish a recurring payment from readers for ongoing access to content behind a paywall.

Paywall article ownership

Allow publishers to create a single paywall for content which can be paid by one or more readers with partial ownership of the article being split with those readers.


Advertising is one of the main drivers of the problems we have with web2. However some companies, like Brave, are doing non-invasive advertising and the community may wish to explore this option.

Most trusted platform for long-form content

Content moderation

Nuance has content rules and we integrate with Modclub to ensure content is compliant with the content rules.


So-called “fake news” is difficult to determine so introducing Factive to help the community determine facts from fake will help readers trust the content.

Full-text responses

To encourage thoughtful contributions to the platform we allow writers to respond to other articles with their own articles. Commenting does not encourage proponents or opponents to properly respond to an article.


Using the applause as a crowd-sourced reputation metric writers will earn a reputation on the topics (tags) of their articles.

Best UX for both writers and readers

Email notification

Allowing publishers to push content to readers via email.

Article protocol

Creating a standard article protocol allows writers to write their content on Nuance and distribute the content wherever they prefer.

Custom editor

Provide the best writing experience imaginable.


Enable readers to comment on articles.


Search engines supercharge organic growth and getting content discovered is critical to enable monetization.

Scaling (in progress)

Finding product market fit and overcoming the cold start problem will result in rapid growth that Nuance will need to accommodate.

Security (in progress)

Although the blockchain itself is natively secure the Nuance application may have vulnerabilities which may need to be addressed.

Backup restore

Disaster recovery requires a backup.

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